Year End Review

It's been a good year. New projects and new directions. Over the summer, I returned to my medical illustration roots, to my job of almost 17 years after an almost two year hiatus. A much needed break...a time for artistic exploration and a bit more time with Mischief and Mayhem....but filled with artistic angst and growing pains. So now it's time for a hiatus from the hiatus.

But as Tennessee Wiliams said "if I got rid of my demons, I'd lose my angels." My demons and angels are my left and right brain...always fighting for control. So I compromised and did some projects with a good balance between my literal and creative sides.

I created a logo and wall mural for our revitalized local bookstore, a business that has served our community since 1972 and one at which I worked during holiday breaks during college. And a website for an 1830's plantation and event venue...yes, my friend bought a PLANTATION. And it is fabulous.

Hope to find more time to continue my exploration of abstract expressionism in the New Year, new paintings and hopefully a new blog...BUT I won't fight it if bones and joints start to find themselves in my paintings...or the urge to grab a tiny brush and render something senselessly realistic. Demons and angels....I'll let them fight it out.




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