Creative Project

My latest project is on the web rather than on a canvas. A creative project with purpose. I recently designed the logo, branding, and website for a friend's venture. A creative friend with a great story and purpose. She recently launched The Elderberry Blog, a website for the younger set found within the Sandwich Generation. Filling a need for those caring for their elders but also very young children. Stories and resources to help comfort and lead similar individuals through this journey.


The Elderberry logo incorporates the two figures,

the two sides of the "sandwich", embellished with elderberries.

Small, yet thick, square business cards suited her logo best

and fit nicely within a busy Mom's purse. Easy to manage among

the pacifers, toy trucks, and the usual necessities of Motherhood.

An additional yet related project we worked on...involved producing a video for the Elderberry Blog. A digital story...about her Mother who is under her care and the man who saved her life in 1967. Best told by watching the video. Please share and help her find Barry M. Bennett!


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