Portrait of an artist as a young girl

Many years ago, my portrait by Jean Reasoner Plunket (the granddaughter of Abbott Thayer by the way.) A prolific artist from Washington, DC whose work hangs in many homes throughout the country.

And a sketch done by her daughter. Bribery for sitting still while Mrs. Plunket worked? A balloon and a mouth full of bubble gum.

I should have bribed this one with bubble gum. Same age, same blue dress...and same mischievousness. All I managed during her 5th year were the photos for her portrait.

I did manage to take a few workable photos. Now age 6, I finally decided to tackle this project. A quick watercolor study...raw umber on illustration board...next up, an oil sketch on canvas. She may be 7 before I have a portrait hanging on the wall.

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