Friends with gifts

I love this digital world we live in...where you meet friends and find inspiration. Two new works this week for just such friends. Friends with gifts...a gift for finding beauty everywhere.

First, for Patricia Van Essche of PVE artist friend I met via my old blog and have enjoyed getting to know through social media. Her work is is she. So when inquired a couple of years ago about her beauty regimen I was surprised to hear "bourbon" among her products. Well, I've been drinking bourbon ever since. I'm still waiting on the beauty properties to kick in...but after a cocktail or two you do suddenly believe you look fabulous. So when I was preparing to send her a painting, naturally this libation was an inspiration. A worn label, the seals often on a bottle...all inspired this work.


Acrylic, gold leaf, charcoal and mixed media

16 x 20 gallery wrapped canvas


Another friend, closer by...around the corner. A creative Mother who always finds the beauty in the simple things...her children's drawings, a sprig of moss serendipitously shaped like a heart, or a foggy morning. All of which she shares on her instagram feed here.


This recent foggy morning post of a pastoral setting inspired the painting below. A little something for her nest.

One Tree

Oil on canvas

10 x 10 inches